New Truck Driver Jobs in Demand as Retail Sales Recover

  • New Truck Driver Jobs in Demand as Retail Sales Recover

    When economists forecast more spending by consumers and retail sales go up, the need for truck hauling services increases. However, the problem the trucking industry faces today is a lack of drivers to take the new truck driver jobs needed in this recovering economy.

    It’s difficult to process, but stunningly, within the next six years, the trucking industry is predicting it will need an extra 330,000 new drivers. To make matters worse, the average age of a truck driver is 55, which means there are a massive amount of drivers who are looking at retiring in the near future.

    This poses an issue because it appears that the younger generations are less apt than the Baby Boomerssm-truck to choose a career that involves long stretches out on the road and away from their family. More Americans are becoming health conscious, which is another strike against the trucking industry because the popular perception is that truckers are eat unhealthy and are not active while they are on the road.

    The Federal Government has implemented House of Services (HOS) rules that limits the number of hours a driver can be on the road. While this regulation addresses the safety issues of drivers on the road, it doesn’t do any favors for the industry and its drivers who feel like their ability to make more profits are hampered by the HOS.

    During the recession, the impact of these issues keeping young drivers from taking a career in trucking was not that severe. However, as the economy shows recovery and more people are going back to work and making money they spend on retail sales, the impact is being felt globally.

    America’s trucking industry is looking at a technician shortage as well as a driver shortage. Industry insiders say that the shortage will continue through 2030 as current technicians retire. Years ago the Department of Labor predicted that America’s trucking industry would need an extra 205,000 more technicians by this year, a number that the industry isn’t even close to realizing.

    As the technology improves, it’s important to have young, tech-savvy professionals working on the engines and machinery that keeps the trucking industry rolling. It’s more important than ever to establish recruiting campaigns to get today’s youth involved in the industry and helping to continue its place in delivering freight throughout the country. Currently, nearly 70 percent of everything moved from point A to point B is done through commercial trucking.

    New truck driver jobs are available at Spirit Miller Dirveaway Services. Spirit Miller employs a national network of drivers who have the option to take shifts seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Most pickups are targeted with 24 hours. Spirit Miller is looking for CDL-certified drivers that can meet the high standards we have for our drivers.

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