As Jobs in Transportation Increase, the Trucking Industry is Poised to Grow

  • As Jobs in Transportation Increase, the Trucking Industry is Poised to Grow

    Trucking 1There has never been a more exciting time in the trucking industry as jobs in transportation are expected to grow in the coming years.

    The Great Recession hit the trucking industry hard, but the industry is finally seeing a bounce back as more jobs in transportation are becoming available. When a recession hits, consumers have less cash to spend, and what cash they do have winds up in savings. With less consumer activity, fewer goods make their way across the road in tractor-trailers. However, the numbers have been increasing at a steady pace, which is giving industry experts the opportunity to finally something to smile about.

    When the recession hit, many career truckers dropped their careers for good in exchange for a life in a new, seemingly more promising career field. It happened across the board in nearly every industry. Displaced workers went back to technical school or university and pursued a new path. Industry experts believe that as the economy recovers and the trucking industry is in full swing, there won’t be enough qualified drivers to fill all the positions available in trucking.

    The lack of drivers works to the advantage of experienced truckers, who will likely demand a higher wage. It’s also an advantageous time for people new to the career to jump aboard and find work. Another area that is in short supply is in qualified instructors to teach this new wave of truck drivers coming into the career. These instructor positions will come with a good-paying wage, experts predict, with plenty of incentives and job security for years to come.

    The trucking industry has had a good 30-plus years of growth while the railway industry has had 30-plus years of decline. Unfortunately for the railway industry, their decline looks to be continuing. Truckers will pick up freight that once was carried in boxcars across the nation. This is also a reason for the positive numbers that are pushing jobs in transportation up and up.

    State budget were hit hard during the recession, which meant there was less money for state road construction or bridgework. Most states struggled just to maintain their roadways. However, as the economy has recovered and state budgets look healthy once again, the number of roads in the U.S. is now back on the rise, which is yet another reason why the trucking industry is maintaining its edge on transporting goods.

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