Trucking Companies Eye Excellent Future of Growth

  • Trucking Companies Eye Excellent Future of Growth

    The effects of the recession are all but erased from the trucking industry as transportation companies report running at near capacity. In fact,Jobs 1 2014 was the year when trucking companies stopped talking about how they were digging themselves out of the recession and started talking about how they were growing.

    Some companies are talking about expanding their fleets over the next 1.5 years to keep up with demand, which means there will be a need, not only for more trucks and trailers, but also more drivers.

    The numbers help tell the story of recovery and growth: In 2013, the industry was responsible for moving 69.1 percent of all domestic shipping, up from 68.5 the previous year. Growth over the next decade is expected to bring that percentage up to nearly 71 percent.

    While there is a need for expanded fleets, companies are also having trouble finding enough drivers, which means the trucks currently on the road will be packing more per load. The American Trucking Association says volumes will increase by 3.2 percent every year through 2018.

    The industry as a whole is looking to create efficiencies. Technological improvements are gaining ground and helping to cut fuel costs. Engineers are always working to find ways to streamline the rigs to also help with fuel costs. Workers are looking for better routing strategies and packing systems, which improves the amount of time it takes to ship items and in a more cost effective manner.

    The power to weight ratio is also getting a closer look by engineers. For instance, they’re looking for ways to make trailers larger, yet weigh the same or less than the standard trailers of today. This allows more freight to be carried, but without the added weight that can damage roads and rack up an expensive fuel bill for trucking companies. The other perk is that larger trailer sizes are going to improve highway safety and reduce the number of trucks on the road, which again will help trucking companies deal with the lack of drivers.

    Trucking companies are also looking to legislators to keep new laws from harming the industry. At the same time, lobbyists working on behalf of the industry are pushing for legislation that helps the industry. One example is the work current lobbyists are doing to get the larger trailer sizes put into law.

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