Truck Driving Companies Focus on Health

  • Truck Driving Companies Focus on Health

    Fast Food 1Anyone who has spent time away from their kitchen knows how easy it is to eat unhealthy foods and how hard it is to find restaurants that prepare healthful foods. Truck driving companies realize their drivers face this issue on a daily basis and are trying to educate their workforce about healthier options.

    Getting the word out about what foods are healthy to eat is the educational component that many truck driving companies are embarking on. Here are a few healthy eating tips that can help you, as a truck driver, maintain good health on the road:

    1. Low-calorie, high fiber foods can make you feel fuller, longer, and can provide energy for the workday. Fruits like bananas and apples pack plenty of vitamins and fiber, and they’re easy to eat while on the road.
    1. Avoid high-sodium foods as most Americans consume too much salt on a daily basis. Instead of grabbing a package of salted nuts, pick the one that is labeled “unsalted” or “low sodium.” Nuts are an excellent source of protein, but they’re often loaded with sugary flavors or salt, which makes them an unhealthy choice. Also, avoiding the cashew is a good idea as it is a high-calorie nut associated with weight gain.
    1. To avoid the fast food stops, try packing your own meals. You will have total control of the sodium, calories and carbohydrates going into your body. If you’re going to be on the road for a long stretch, consider investing in a cooler that you can power by plugging it into a 12-volt outlet in your cab.
    1. Another important item to remember is to stay away from sugary drinks. Sweet tea, sports drinks, soft drinks and juice all contain more sugar than your body requires. You can gain 10 pounds in a year by drinking one of these per day.

    The Healthy Trucking Association of America has a mission to help transportation professionals arrive home safer and healthier. The organization sponsors free screenings, awareness campaigns and solution care models for the transportation industry. As the industry faces drastic shortages in drivers, an effort is being made to let young new prospects know that you can lead a healthy, happy life on the road.

    Drivers must now carry a medical certificate that says they are healthy enough to drive their big rigs down the road. This is comforting to fellow travelers that drive side-by-side with truckers in their small sedans and sport cars or motorcycles.

    Spirit Miller Driveaway Services hires safe drivers, and as a truck driving company has an excellent safety record. We’re looking for drivers who have driving records that show they too have the same commitment to safety. Call us today if you are interested in joining our team of quality drivers.

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