Truck Driving Companies are Seeing Freight Tonnage Grow

  • Truck Driving Companies are Seeing Freight Tonnage Grow

    Jobs 5If the recession caused some worry among the trucking industry, projections by the American Trucking Association (ATA) should put any fears to rest for the next decade.

    According to a report from the ATA, it appears that by 2025, Americans will require 17.3 billion tons of freight a year to be shipped, a majority of which will find its way from one place to another through the trucking industry. That’s a projected 23.5 percent increase in tonnage over what was being shipped last year (14.02 billion tons).

    Truck driving companies are hoping that 72 percent-projected increases in revenues through 2025 will spell big profits for them. An ATA executive said recently that the trucking industry could expect to retain its position as the biggest transportation provider of freight in the nation. However, carriers will certainly have to adapt, and they have a hurdle to jump as there is currently a lack of drivers to carry the freight, and that deficit of drivers is only expected to grow.

    The carriers that will do best are those who have mastered the logistics of the business as well as the ability to find good drivers to fill their routes. What about pressure from other freight hauling industries, such as boat and rail?

    Indeed, the ATA report says there will be an increase in competition. The dominance that freight haulers currently have, while expected to continue, can’t keep up with the tonnage. For instance, the trucking industry’s share is expected to grow from its current 69.1 percent to 71.4 percent in 2025. The rail industry will see an annual increase in intermodal tonnage by 5.5 percent per year through 2019, according to the report. However, the railroad market share is expected to drop from 14.5 percent in 2013 to 13.8 percent in 2025.

    Another aspect to consider is that work is currently underway to expand the Panama Canal, portions of which are already completed. This could alter the flow of the tonnage out of the U.S. In some cases, carriers will see increased opportunities because of this expansion while others will see a decrease. Details on why this occurs are available in the report, which can be purchased at

    The image of the stereotypical truck driver has morphed over the years. Not all carriers require their drivers to take on cross-country jobs that require them to be away from their family for weeks at a time. Some carriers are giving their drivers the opportunity to choose their own routes, local or far from home.

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