New Truck Driver Jobs Opening Up

  • New Truck Driver Jobs Opening Up

    The trucking industry is 7 million strong, but the workforce is aging. There is an increasing demand for drivers, but there are a few aspects of the industry that are keeping the masses from taking on new truck driver jobs.

    We can expect to see a need for 330,000 new truck driver jobs by 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which is a growth of 20 percent. However, we’re in a crunch right now – there are about 200,000 new drivers needed now. The economy is recovering and there is more freight that needs moved. Trucking is the preferred method of hauling freight, which is why new truck driver jobs are opening up.

    With the average age of truck drivers at 51, it’s easy to see how the spike in new truck driverJobs 4 jobs is so extreme. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistic’s numbers are low compared to other predictions. Economists are expecting a shortage between 10 and 15 million by 2020. The trucking industry is expected to compete heavily for drivers.

    The salary for the average driver just starting out is about $4,000 more than the average wage in all other industries, but that’s not enough pull to get more Americans to take up driving for a living. Unfortunately, a new CSA requirement has had a chilling effect. While the CSA requirement is meant to keep the roads safe, it’s actually an obstacle for the industry.

    Another perceived drawback is the hours-of-service rule that began in 2013. This rule requires that drivers reduce their driving time. Drivers are required to keep a record of the hours they’ve worked and must log rest times to stay in compliance with the law. Again, this is a safety measure that has worked against the trucking industry.

    Despite these new rules, the industry is still an attractive proposition for many looking for new truck driver jobs. The industry presents extremely solid growth prospects, not only in trucking, but also for technicians, mechanics and others employed through the trucking industry. More trucking companies are working on becoming more connected to their drivers and take a more employee-centric approach.

    For people who don’t have the required license to drive a rig, many trucking companies are paying for the certification and focusing on driver relationships to build a more solid foundation that employees will want to be a part of for a longer period of time

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