Trucking Industry Gearing up to Bring in New Drivers

  • Trucking Industry Gearing up to Bring in New Drivers

    Jobs 2If you’ve considered a career in trucking, now is the time. The economy is in recovery mode, which means consumers are finally letting down their guard and spending more money. For the trucking industry, this is excellent news. Manufacturers, responding to the needs of consumers, are making more products, which means they need their raw materials shipped to their facilities and their finished products shipped to suppliers. The number one choice for transport isn’t airlines, boats or trains – it’s trucking.

    For many companies, trucking is the channel through which 80-plus percent of their cargo is transported across the nation. That means there is a need for qualified people who want a job trucking. The number of truckers on the road has a direct influence on the economy. For instance, when a company doesn’t have enough truckers to move product, the cost for many items consumers want goes up.

    A report from CNN puts the shortage currently at around 30,000 drivers, but could increase to around 100,000 considering drivers aren’t allowed to work as many hours in a row after the hours of service rule goes into effect.

    As a person who is interested in the trucking industry, you’re no stranger to the beat of a different drummer. Maybe it’s the freedom of the road that beckons, or the lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around the typical 9 to 5 job with a cubicle as a workspace. However, not every job trucking involves long hours on the road. Some companies have become very flexible in what they offer just so they can get the family man or woman who wants to work in the industry but doesn’t have the luxury of being away from home for days at a time.

    Many companies are taking steps they’ve never taken previously to attract new drivers. They’re offsetting the cost of training in order to get qualified drivers who don’t want to foot the entire training bill on their own. Better health benefits are an attraction for many new applicants. Furthermore, trucking companies are motivated to give their drivers more time off to see their doctor and actually use the health benefits they’re offering.

    Historically, one of the detractors to the industry for many prospective drivers has been the rate at which they’re paid. However, in order to attract qualified drivers to the industry, many trucking companies are increasing wages to make the job more attractive. Quality trucking companies realize that their biggest asset are their drivers, which means they’ll be willing to take a few resources away from the company to take care of their drivers.

    Spirit Miller Driveaway Services is a company that knows how important drivers are to the industry. Providing vehicle deliveries throughout the United   States, we are looking for quality drivers willing to work at their own pace. If it’s flexible hours you want, Spirit Miller can offer you just that.

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