Drivers Needed: Be Part of the Solution to a Better Economy

  • Drivers Needed: Be Part of the Solution to a Better Economy

    How many jobs do you know of that require no college education and have a starting pay of $40,000 a year? On top of that, how many of those jobs that actually pay that much also offer a 401(k) retirement plan, employee stock purchase plans, paid vacations and sick days and health insurance for you and your family? Would you be surprised to know that this is what the average truck driver can get?

    One thing is certain right now in the trucking industry – there are drivers needed.Jobs 1
    It’s a smart move to consider trucking, especially now that there are drivers needed more than ever. The demand is greatest for safe and reliable people who are proven, quality drivers. Even during the recession, drivers were in need. Now that the recession is over and the economy is recovering, the need for drivers has increased along with the demand for the goods and services that consumers are more willing to purchase now.

    The American Trucking Association (ATA) offers some statistics that prove why there is such a need. First, the ATA is forecasting that by 2022, the amount of freight being moved will increase by nearly 25 percent, and nearly 70 percent of that freight will be moved by trucks.

    Truckers are already moving the majority of goods, which means the job that truckers do today is vital to the economy. It’s clear now that if trucks ceased operating today, the country would shut down. On a less dramatic note, consider how much you as a consumer pay for products now; with every shortage of drivers we see in our country, there is a corresponding cost increase for the goods you buy.

    Unfortunately, there is a shortage of good drivers at the moment. The industry is trying to entice more career-minded individuals into considering a job on the road rather than spending four-plus years in a college where they’ll rack up $20,000 or more in student loan debt and graduate to a job market that will likely pay them much less than what they will earn as a trucker.

    Some people start with their bachelor’s degree then flounder from career to career before they figure out that trucking is the career they’ve been looking for. For trucking school graduates, they often have jobs even before they’ve completed their training. In some cases, the trucking company will pick up the tab for their training.

    If you’ve tossed the idea around but have a feeling that the industry is too inflexible to cater to your needs, consider Spirit Miller Driveaway Services. At Spirit Miller, you have the flexibility to set your own hours, which means if you want to stay in your region rather than do the long-haul jobs; Spirit Miller is the trucking company for you.

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